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The most iconic car of Italian 50's and 60's booming era. Engineered thanks to the genius of Mr Dante Giacosa is a masterpiece of design combined to compact dimensions and usable roominess. 

Small 499 cc two cylinder air-cooled engine rear sited guarantees smooth mobility while the 4 no-synchro gearbox requires you to drive smart as a race driver of 50's making use of "debrayage technique" or better "doppietta in Italian" to get correct gear shifting. 

This is an L, Lusso version, "luxury" underlined by external front and rear bulbar on bumpers, internal no reflex plastic dash-trim, vinyl upholstery and gorgeous sunroof closed by black "capote. 

Mint condition for an Italian one owner car, resulting from one respray in his correct white and careful servicing by Italian Fiat craft-man.”

1970 FIAT 500L

Price                                                                $18,500

Italian registration plate                                TO D25687

VIN number                                                     2390271

External colour                                               Blue (blu Turchese)

Internal colour                                                Red seats&carpets with black dashtrim

Engine capacity                                               499 cc

Engine position and drive type                      Rear/rear

Cylinder                                                            2

Cooling                                                             air

Horsepower/rpm                                            18 hp/4600 rpm

Gearbox                                                            4 gears + R NOT Sychro

Dimensions Length –width – high                 3025 – 1320 – 1325 mm

Weigth                                                              485 kg

Minimum height from floor                           130 mm

Seats                                                                4

Tank capacity                                                   21 lt

Tyres                                                                 125 – 12”

Brakes                                                              Front and rear drums

Electrical source                                             12V Battery and Dinamo

Max speed                                                        More than 95 km/h

Vehicle Description


  • Externally re-painted 10 years ago

  • Defects: small swirls on right door, small pint bubbles on bottom door skin


  • Seats re-upholstered and original moquette and floor mats cleaned up

  • Defects: none


  • Top maintenance from new

  • Mileage: 92700km NOT certified but almost they are real

  • Defects: minor oxide surface zones


  • Top maintenance from  new

  • Defects: none, correct ageing wear


  • Original paint with minor swirls and scratches

  • Defects: never repaint, show the story of the car

Suspension, Brakes & Wheels

  • Top maintenance from  new, new Pirelli cinturato tyres

  • Defects: small dents and swirls on wheel cup