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Innocenti Mini Cooper MK3


There's always a reason for a car to get 3 victories at Montecarlo Rally and if you want to feel it on your skin take this Mini Cooper for a ride. Go-kart feeling and high speed cornering will give you an immediate smile and to desire only a session of rapid curves! Red body, white roof and a new set of Minilite wheels are the perfect Montecarlo style. This car, badged Innocenti and built in Milano, Italy under licence of BMC (British Motor Corporation), is the top of refinement trim in terms of Mini Cooper, not easily but admitted also by English manufacturer BMC. Gorgeous five instrument gauges, quality carpet and vinyl seats will fascinate you when you open the door. The small but strong 998cc engine, filled by 2 SU carburettor, will pull the light body of the Mighty Mini with a surprising fun to drive and a full angry sound!”

1971 INNOCENTI Mini Cooper MK B 39 2

Price                                                                $17,900

Italian registration plate                                TO E36817

VIN number                                                     140638

External colour                                               Red/White roof

Internal colour                                                Black seats with gray carpets

Engine capacity                                               998cc

Engine position and drive type                      Front/Front

Cylinder                                                            4

Cooling                                                             Mix water/coolant

Horsepower/rpm                                            54 CV/5800rpm

Gearbox                                                            4+RM Synchro

Dimensions Length –width – high                 3050-1400-1350

Weigth                                                              650 kg

Minimum height from floor                           120 mm

Seats                                                                4

Tank capacity                                                   35 lt

Tyres                                                                 145 SR 10"

Brakes                                                              Front discs rear drums with servo

Electrical source                                             12V Dinamo

Max speed                                                        More than 145 km/h

Vehicle Description


  • Externally re-painted

  • Defects: none


  • Seats re-upholstered and original moquette and floor mats cleaned up

  • Defects: none


  • Top maintenance from new, probably with 1 high end rebuilt

  • Mileage: 15069km, probably 115069 (5 digit only tachometer) NOT certified but probably real

  • Defects: minor oxide surface zones different color tones of engine paint


  • Top maintenance from  new

  • Defects: none, correct ageing wear


  • Completely re-painted after fixing common rust ageing issues

  • Defects: none

Suspension, Brakes & Wheels

  • Top maintenance from  new, new Miniite wheels&tyres