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Alfa Romeo GT Junior 1300 “Unificato”


"This faboulous coupe derived from Giulia and superbly designed by Bertone is one of the most iconic italian sports car since mid 60's. In this 1975 trim called "Unificato" (only and best available in Italian range) features all best upgrade in terms of equipment: double front headlamp, bucket seats with headrest and beautiful wood steering wheel. Take place in front of an italian race cockpit, grab the wheel, rotate the key...legendary Bialbero "(twin cam) Alfa Romeo will roar your ears. Shift gear stick to 1st and go! Listening to throat burble of Weber carburettors growing up, following the needle of rev counter scale going rapidly to the top…it’s time to shift another gear and get this Music once more! Don't, even for a second, try to underevaluate Alfa Romeo Bialbero in this 1300cc perfect synthesis of performance and emotions.”

1975 ALFA ROMEO GT 1300

Price                                                                $35,950

Italian registration plate                                MI Z04173

VIN number                                                     AR0001116

External colour                                               Red (Rosso Alfa)

Internal colour                                                Black

Engine capacity                                               1290 cc

Engine position and drive type                      Front/Rear

Cylinder                                                            4

Cooling                                                             Water mixed with coolant

Horsepower/rpm                                            88 CV/ 5500 rpm

Gearbox                                                            Manual 5 + RM Synchro

Dimensions Length –width – high                 4080-1580-1310 mm

Weigth                                                              930 kg

Minimum height from floor                           -

Seats                                                                2+2

Tank capacity                                                   46 lt

Tyres                                                                 165 R 14"

Brakes                                                              Front and rear discs with servo

Electrical source                                             12V - alternator

Max speed                                                        173 km/h

Vehicle Description


  • Externally re-painted

  • Defects: none


  • Seats re-upholstered and original moquette and floor mats cleaned up

  • Defects: none


  • Top maintenance from new

  • Mileage: 51200km NOT certified but probably real

  • Defects: minor oxide surface zones


  • Top maintenance from  new

  • Defects: none, correct ageing wear


  • Original paint with minor swirls and scratches

  • Defects: none

Suspension, Brakes & Wheels

  • Top maintenance from  new

  • Defects: none