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Alfa Romeo Giulia Super REPLICA TI


“Designed by the wind (“Disegnata dal vento” in Italian) was the claim used to introduce Alfa Romeo Giulia, due to long aerodinamic studies that gave her that unic tail shape. This is a beautiful 1977 Giulia Super dressed up as the most iconic of Giulia model, TI Super: smaller front headlamp removed to install open grills, green “quadrifoglio” (clover-leaf) on both sides, Italian flag stripes on bonnet and bootlid, larger Italian “Ruspa” alloy wheels make this car angry when parked just like on a pit-lane! Italian registration plate marked “UD” ( Udine, the city where Autodelta was funded by Mr. Carlo Chiti) is a class-touch you will tell to admired enthusiasts during a cars&coffee or dressing your driver-gloves just before starting your trackday-weekend. Yes!, it’s that for! Turn the key, smoothly kicking gas to start it, revs regularly to warm up engine and when she’s ready bang the gas pedal to metal! The uprated and fully new aluminium Bialbero will burble and scream: your smile will rise, the rear Limited Slip Differential will help you in cornering and drifting like no other. Just have fun!”

1977 ALFA ROMEO Giulia Super

Price                                                                $20,000

Italian registration plate                                UD 326696

VIN number                                                     AR0052963

External colour                                               White

Internal colour                                                Black

Engine capacity                                               1290 cc

Engine position and drive type                      Front/Rear

Cylinder                                                            4

Cooling                                                             Water mixed with coolant

Horsepower/rpm                                            88 CV/ 5500 rpm

Gearbox                                                            Manual 5 + RM

Dimensions Length –width – high                 4140-1560-1430 mm

Weigth                                                              1060 kg

Minimum height from floor                           -

Seats                                                                5

Tank capacity                                                   46 lt

Tyres                                                                 165 R 14”

Brakes                                                              Front and rear discs with servo

Electrical source                                             12V - alternator

Max speed                                                        165 km/h

Vehicle Description


  • Externally re-painted

  • Defects: small, light paint bubbles on rear right under-door sills


  • Seats re-upholstered and original moquette and floor mats cleaned up

  • Defects: none


  • Fully rebuild

  • Mileage: less than 3.000km since rebuilding – not certified

  • Defects: minor oxide surface zones


  • Top maintenance from  new

  • Defects: none, correct ageing wear


  • Conservative restoration  when body re-sprayed

  • Defects: none

Suspension, Brakes & Wheels

  • Top maintenance from new

  • Defects: none