1966 LANCIA Fulvia Coupé


“Think about the concept of Italian class, design and performance...or easier admire this Lancia Fulvia Coupe "prima serie", year 1966, in his bright white. Only static concourse class? No, She won rallies... Many rallies, dirty of dust and mud. Beautiful design by Pietro Castagnero, inspired by 60's yacht design, engine masterpiece: V4 with 15 degrees angle, rotated on his left side by 45 degrees to keep low the car and give incredible handling. Internal with vinyl black seats, wood steering wheel and dashboard will make you smell 60's quality italian flavours and craftmanship. Take it for a ride, please as much curves as you find, you won't believe that is really that small 1216 cc with his 80hp to speed this small coupe so fast. Don't worry: 4 Dunlop disc brakes will stop you straight and immediately if needed.

1966 LANCIA Fulvia Coupé

Price                                                                $28,400

Italian registration plate                                PR 552237

VIN number                                                     818130011341

External colour                                               White (Bianco Saratoga)

Internal colour                                                Black

Engine capacity                                               1216 cc

Engine position and drive type                      Front/Front

Cylinder                                                            V4

Cooling                                                             Water mixed with coolant

Horsepower/rpm                                            80 CV/ 6000 rpm

Gearbox                                                            Manual 4 + RM Synchro

Dimensions Length –width – high                 3975-1562-1295 mm

Weigth                                                              925 kg

Minimum height from floor                           -

Seats                                                                2+2

Tank capacity                                                   38 lt

Tyres                                                                 165 R 14"

Brakes                                                              Front and rear discs with servo

Electrical source                                             12V - alternator

Max speed                                                        161 km/h

Vehicle Description


  • Completely re-painted after bare-metal shell preparation in year 1998, newly externally repainted in 2015

  • Defects: none


  • Seats re-upholstered and original moquette and floor mats cleaned up

  • Defects: none


  • Fully rebuilt in 2014 at 66950 km

  • Mileage: 67000 km NOT certified but probably real

  • Defects: minor oxide surface zones


  • Top maintenance from  new

  • Defects: none, correct ageing wear


  • Completely re-painted after bare-metal shell preparation

  • Defects: none, show cosmetic effects of use after 1998 restoration

Suspension, Brakes & Wheels

  • Top maintenance from  new

  • Defects: none